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After the Rapture - CD Set

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8 Messages & 8 Radio Interviews on 11 CDs

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Author: Dr. Doug Stauffer

AFTER THE RAPTURE...comes the Judgment Seat of Christ; Daniel’s Seventieth Week (or Jacob’s Trouble); the Revelation of the Man of Sin; the Abomination of Desolation; Christ’s Second Coming; the Millennial Kingdom, etc.

Over twelve hours recording time.
Dr. Stauffer teaches on the pre-tribulation rapture proving with scripture that it is the only scripturally consistent and defensible position.

8 Messages & 8 Radio Interviews on 11 CDs:
1. The Pre-Wrath Rapture Hoax (pt 1) —bonus interview #1/5 with Noah Hutchings (78 min.)
2. The Pre-Wrath Rapture Hoax (pt 2) —bonus interview #2/5 with Noah Hutchings (66 min.)
3. On site in Israel —bonus interview #3/5 with Noah Hutchings (70 min)
4. Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation?— bonus interview #4/5 with Noah Hutchings (50 min)
5. The Rapture: Watching, Waiting and Working— bonus interview #5/5 with Noah Hutchings (75 min.)
6. Progressive Illumination: God’s Key to Prophecy (57 min.)
7. When the Blessed Hope Becomes the Blessed Reality (69 min.)
8. Deliverance or Devastation: Son of God or Son of Perdition (51 min.)
9. PID Radio Interview #1/3 with Derek Gilbert (64 min.)
10. PID Radio Interview #2/3 with Derek Gilbert (77 min.)
11. PID Radio Interview #3/3 with Derek Gilbert (73 min.)

From Prophecy Watchers magazine:
The battle over the rapture is raging. The pre-wrath rapture crowd is growing by leaps and bounds—surely Christians will be tested a little before God calls us home. Right? Many believe they will be protected during the Tribulation—completely contrary to what the Bible teaches. Will millions of Christians be asked to give their lives for Christ during the Tribulation? Enter “Bible Doug.” I think I can safely say that Bible prophecy and the rapture is his obsession. He’s produced 11 Audio CDs featuring men like Derek Gilbert and the late Noah Hutchings, sharing their advanced understanding of the rapture—12 hours in all. If you want to be able to defend the pre-tribulational rapture, this is an excellent place to start. Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich

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